How to maintain the usage time of safety vests?

How to maintain the usage time of safety vests?

Reflective vests should be avoided from being washed every day under normal circumstances, as they use the reflective material on the vest to reflect light and serve as a safety warning. If washed for a long time every day, it will have a certain impact on the reflective brightness on the vest. A reflective vest should be washed at least 70 times, and the reflectivity is still 70% of the original.

So, how should I clean my safety vest reasonably?

1. You can choose to gently wipe with water and a cloth, but do not use too much force, especially the reflective strip cannot be rubbed with too much force, otherwise it is easy to fall off.
2. Try to choose hand washing instead of washing clothes in the washing machine at the same time as other clothes.
3. It should be soaked in warm water, and the temperature of the water during cleaning should not exceed 40 ° C.
4. When ironing, the temperature on the bottom of the iron should not exceed 110 ° C, and steam ironing may cause damage to the reflective vest.
5. Reduce mechanical operations, reduce rotary dehydration, and try not to use a drum to dry.


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