How to use coupons?

How to use coupons?

Safetyin provides a large number of coupons available for use.
Registering as our new member will result in a $10 unconditional coupon that you can use on any order without any restrictions.

So, how do you become a member of
Firstly, click on the humanoid icon in the upper right corner, which will redirect to the login page.

Then, click on "Create account". It will redirect to the information filling page. Alternatively, you can log in through your social media account

After filling out the information, click the "Create" button and then verify through verification and email.

You have become an official member of $ 10 off codes will be sent to your email, and you will receive our latest updates and activity information from time to time!

How will $10 coupons be used?

Firstly, select the vest you want, confirm the size, quantity, and submit the corresponding customization content.

Then enter the billing settlement page and fill in your shipping address and other information. You can see a place to fill in the discount code under the payment amount.

Just fill in the discount code and click "Apply" to apply it to your order.
Then click on the payment button.


Other discounts will be automatically applied to your order.

The following are the discount codes provided by Safetyin:
Become a New Member to Get USD 10 Off

*Bulk Order Automatic Discount:

10% OFF on Order $200+

15% OFF on Order $500+

20% OFF on Order $1000+

Please use them freely!
There are some additional discounts, contact us to get them!

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